Tis the Season

For all us petrolheads out there it is a very good time of year.  The snow is melting, the sun is shining, and supercars are coming out of hibernation.  These cars have been cooped up all winter, and now they are finally able to stretch their legs.

In the past few days I have seen a matt black Gallardo, a Dodge Viper, a Rolls Royce Phantom, and just this afternoon, I was witness to an Audi S5 V8 taking off at full chat.  To me this sounded the beginning of spring.  Every day will now see me looking around when I drive (as opposed to before, where I just drove with my eyes closed) to try and spot exotic automobiles. 

The sound and smell of these cars is truly enticing, and to see one generally means that it’s going to be a good day.  The best part about this departure of snow is that I will get the chance to educate myself at the Mercedes Performance Driving School, which will see me behind the wheel of a C63 AMG on a closed race track!  This isn’t for a few months away, but it now seems a lot closer with my driveway not buried in the white stuff.

It’s still only 5 degrees (C) outside so window down driving can only be enjoyed for short periods of time.  But it’s very nice to be able to drive home from work with the windows down and tunes up again.

Living in Canada is great because we are never stuck with the same season for too long, but I truly hate the snow and all the negatives that it brings.  Yes, the snow provides many a vacant parking lot for me to joyfully drift my car, but that’s really the only positive.  Driving in winter means that the lanes tend to be smaller, the drivers tend to be worse, and the cars tend to be grimier.

The snow is gone, my mood is up, and I’m looking forward to the great exotic metal that I get to see over the next few months.  You never know, I might be driving some pretty hot cars this season!


~ by ubercar on March 16, 2011.

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