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So what have I purchased, you may ask? I’ve upgraded and bought the car that I’ve been dreaming about for years.  A brand new 2012 VW GTI.

What you see above is all mine.  I could’ve saved close to 10K and gone for an ’11 model, but I couldn’t find the one that matched my dream spec, and seeing as how I know I’m going to have this car for a while I had to make it perfect.  Add in the fact that the ’12 MK6 brings some new party tricks to the table and I was sold.

I had never bought a new car before, so I was entering unknown territory.  And the actual speed with which I agreed to a purchase surprised even me.  My last post mentioned the rising costs of my old Golf, and that got me realizing that I could afford a new car.  I have a steady job, and I can plan out what my expenses will be over the next few years, so why not.  At first I went to my local dealer (two days after having taken my car in for its final servicing) and talked to someone there who tried very hard to sell me the display ’11 that came with leather seats, a sunroof, and the much sought after 18’ rims, but I could tell that the seat bolster had been warn in, and there was no navigation or upgraded Dynaudio sound system.   The guy offered my $4,500 for the Golf, and I told him I would think about it.  The next day I went to the big flagship dealership, Pfaff VW in Newmarket.  I had already researched Pfaff and found that they also own the only McLaren dealership in Canada, and that they have a tuning business that doesn’t void warranties.  This was a major plus.  I started speaking to Thor (yes, the God of Thunder has a day job when he’s not fighting intergalactic bad guys) and we took an ’11 out for a spin.  I knew I already liked how the GTI drove as this was my fourth GTI test drive in a year.   We spent hours talking about the ’11 versus the ’12, and then we went and looked at a fresh-off-the-boat ’12 that was still wrapped in its sea traveling clothes.  I was in love.

At first Thor said we couldn’t talk about prices until I gave him a deposit.  I laughed, such a silly demi-God!  I told him that I would give him a deposit that day if we found a price I liked.  So he wrote a number down on a piece of paper and slid it across to me, and I promptly scratched it out, wrote down another number and slid it back.  He said he had to check with the sales manager and could I wait for a moment?  Sure.  I had been warned about this salesmen tactic of making the buyer wait it out for long periods of time to help drive up the price.  But I came prepared.  I brought an iPhone.  And there is an app to thwart car salesman: Tiny Tower.  Thor came back, we haggled some more, and he left again.  This happened a few times until we reached a number that I was willing to pay.  It took me all of two seconds to commit to the biggest purchase of my life.  We worked out the financing and I left knowing that I would soon get my own piece of automotive heaven.

One week and two days later I arrived back at the dealership to pick her up.  It was a gloomy drizzly day but I didn’t care one bit.  My new toy was finally coming home.  So let’s go over exactly what I’ve purchased.  As previously stated this is a brand new 2012 GTI and it came with 66km on its odometer.  Standard kit includes a turbo-charged 207BHP 2.0 TSI engine, red brake calipers, heated seats, heated window washing nozzles, the practicality of a hatch, dual climate controls, Bluetooth, a sport steering wheel, a sporty dual exhaust, sport suspension, an Electronic Transverse Differential Lock (provides better cornering through some engineering trickery which is very complicated) and a bunch of other stuff.  Now the 2012 does bring some tasty new options: the new gear selector looks like a Golf ball (as did the gear selector in the original MK1 GTI); the floor mats have red stitching; the door sills are chromed with red detailing; the front lights are now bi-xenon adaptive front lights that move around corners and up/down hills (and make it look like an Audi); and finally, keyless go which means I just keep the key in my pocket and the car automatically opens the doors for me when I put my hand on the door handles, and it also includes a starter button.  I can get into my car, start it, reach my destination, and lock it all without using the key fob at all, which is just cool!  

The options that I got on top of all of this include everything you can possibly spec.  I went for the 2-door instead of the 4 because of the cleaner looks and the fact that I don’t need accessible rear seats because I’ll never be the one using them.  The leather package was a must and comes with monogrammed “GTI” headrests and a sunroof, which is something I’ve never had before.  I also got the audio package to get the upgraded Dynaudio system, a built in navigation system, and a 3 month subscription to Sirius satellite radio.  Then I of course had to get the flashy new for 2012 18’ Serron alloy rims.  These are the first new rims for the GTI in ages and they look spectacular.  Finally, I chose the 6-speed automatic DSG transmission with Tiptronic over the manual.  In layman terms this means I can have the car in auto mode for when I’m slogging through traffic, but when I get to an interesting road I can take control of changing gears through either the golf-ball gear selector or the steering wheel mounted paddles.  This thing is the tits.

First impressions? Well I don’t think they have invented the words to accurately describe how amazing this thing is.  The interior of this car is a thing of automotive beauty with a touch screen interface and a leather wrapped steering wheel that belongs in my hands.  I’ve played with the paddles in manual mode and so far I am really enjoying being able to change down a gear just to hear the engine purr and the exhaust pop.  I know I should be running the car in for the first few thousand kilometers, but in this car it is next to impossible.  Over the next few weeks we will see how the car and I bond, but I think this is the start of a beautiful relationship.


~ by ubercar on December 19, 2011.

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