Ferrari 599 Successor

This site is not a breaking automotive news kind of place.  For your daily update on our petrolhead universe there are plenty of great websites out there like,, and that will fill the void, and übercar will only ever be discussing “the news” when it’s a big deal. 

Well a new Ferrari is a big deal, but not in the way that it will have any effect on our lives (as the majority of us cannot afford this new toy), but because if you love cars then a new Ferrari is always something cool.  Ferrari releases a new car every year, and with the 458 and FF looking decidedly high-tech, the ol’599 is looking a bit long in the tooth.

The 599 GTB Fiorano began life in 2006 as the replacement for the 575 Maranello, and quickly began to pick up accolades as a true performance car, winning EVO magazine’s coveted Car of the Year and Top Gear Magazine’s Supercar of the Year for 2006.  With a 5999cc (wonder how they got the name) V12 pushing out a mega 612bhp and 446 torques it’s easy to see why.  This engine made the 599 the most powerful series production Ferrari road car, and was derived from the V12 used in the Enzo hypercar. 

Just like with their F1 cars, Ferrari continually revises and upgrades their products to improve their performance, and the 599 was no exception.  In 2009 Ferrari released the Handling Gran Turismo Evoluzione (HGTE) Package that brought stiffer springs, a lower ride height, faster gear-shifts, a sporty exhaust note, and a touch more carbon-fibre to the basic 599.

But the variant with a more evocative acronym was the 599 GTO announced in early 2010.  This is only the third Ferrari to ever wear the legendary GTO badge and it subsequently had a lot to live up to.   But with 661bhp propelling a car that was now 100kg lighter the GTO was able to lap the Fiorano test track quicker than the halo-model Enzo, making it the fastest Ferrari road car ever.

As owning one of the five hundred and ninety nine GTO’s wasn’t exclusive enough for some Ferrari collectors the marquee brought out a convertible version that would be limited to only 80 examples worldwide.  The SA Aperta broke cover at the 2010 Paris Motor Show, and had already been completely sold-out through special dealer and client presentations.  Another special edition, the 599 GTB HBTE 60F1 was released in December 2011 to mark the last hurrah for the 599, and represented 60 years of Ferrari F1 wins.  The variant was an HGTE model with new paint, seats, and rims, but no performance improvements (#marketingexercise).

But now the time has come for the 599 to say ciao.  Its replacement is codenamed F152 and we’ve been seeing grainy spy-pics of its camouflaged test mule for a while now.  Likely to follow the insectoid style design language of the 458 Italia and FF, the new car is expected to be revealed to the public on February 22nd with the car “launching” at the Geneva Autoshow in March. 

The model is expected to be called the 620 GT and come with a 6.3L V12 that’s also found in the FF.  Most automotive news sources are stating that this engine will have something close to 700bhp, but this wanna-be auto journalist has found out from a Ferrari owner in the know that that figure will actually be much higher.  With the same V12 expected to produce close to 920bhp in next year’s Enzo replacement it’s fair to say that the 620 GT should have a horsepower figure right in the middle of that 920bhp and the 650bhp that the FF puts out.  Let’s hypothesize 750 as it leaves room for later high-performance variants.

Whatever the power out-put it will be great to see a new Ferrari.  With a private reveal for select clients happening on the 21st of the month we can likely expect to see some low-res images surfacing the same day.  I haven’t even seen it and I want it.  A new Ferrari – what’s not to like?


~ by ubercar on February 19, 2012.

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