Spotted in the Wild: Snow Cat

Let me set the scene: it is currently -5°C in Toronto; three days ago approximately 20cm of snow fell from the sky to bury our lives; the roads remain a slushy nightmare. Seeing any type of performance car out and about was very, very unlikely. If any Ubercars were seen they would have to have some form of four-wheel drive, like the Ferrari FF that I saw yesterday. So imagine my surprise when some truly committed petrolhead in my neighborhood parked his beautiful Jaguar XFR-S at my local grocery store.

Jaguar XFR-S

Picking a parking spot isn’t hard when you see a c that you dream about, especially when it’s French Racing Blue – quite easy to spot. I don’t have any actual pictures of the one I saw as I left my phone at home (stupid), but I can assure you it had a nice smattering of road grime on it, compounding my lust.

Now, why do I dream about a four-door people carrier you might ask? Well, in everyone’s dream garage there has to be one practical car that is as exciting as the imaginary Ferrari parked next to it while also being capable of realistically carrying you and three friends in speed and comfort over vast distances. Yes, the Nissan GT-R has rear seats; no, they are not meant for humans. You don’t want to get anything too big and heavy (looking at you Panamera) because then it’s not really sporty. See the dilemma?

So what’s a dreamer to choose: BMW M5 – just not that excited about it, Benz E63 AMG – the looks have gone soft, Audi RS6 – only if it’s a wagon, Jaguar XFR-S – it’s blue and has a giant rear wing! Clearly, my garage and five year olds would be based on similar logic.

Massive Rear Wing

A supercharged V8 carried over from the XKR-S powers this autobahn-stormer to a limited top speed of 300km/h, making this Jaguar’s fastest saloon ever. The front splitter and sills have been re-designed to improve the aerodynamics, the suspension has been beefed up, better brakes have been added, and a few extra bits and bobs have been cherry picked from the F-Type for good measure. But the best part has to be the massive carbon fibre wing. Pictures don’t do it justice: this thing looks completely out of place on any car bar a Lamborghini. It is an option, but that’s like saying the steering wheel is optional.

Comparatively, the blue behemoth is down on power to the M5, E63 and RS6: 542bhp plays 552, 549, and 553 respectively. Realistically only a difference of 10bhp, and I don’t think it matters when you are over 500. You can’t think that any owner will get out after a spirited drive and say, “Ya, wish it had some more oomph”. What the owner will say is that it looks the business and it’s a Jaggggg.


10 years ago Jaguar wasn’t a brand that I gave two thoughts about, but cars like the XFR-S and F-Type are what have revitalized the company’s image and put it into the minds of petrolheads the world over. I’m so glad that I’m not the only one who thinks that it would be sacrilegious for a car like this to sit in a garage over winter when it could be out sliding in the snow.


~ by ubercar on December 18, 2013.

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  1. Awesome post, really enjoyed the read. Plus that car looks so cool!!! And w power!!! Ry

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