About Übercar

You’ve watched Top Gear, read EVO and Autocar, and you visit sites like Pistonheads and Jalopnik.  Well so do I.  And this is my interpretation of the car world and everything that happens in it.  Other automotive media sources have cool names and I wanted something just as exciting, and “Übercar” seemed like a pretty cool phrase.

Übercar refers to any car that has style.  Any car that has character.  Any car that people are just chuffed to own.  Whether it be a Bugatti Veyron SuperSport, VW Golf, or lowly Sprinter Van.  If it has any trace of awesome in any way, shape or form, it’s an Übercar.

About me, the author: I have no experience writing about cars.  My day job is in the hospitality industry, and I like it quite a lot.  I currently own 1 car.  My beloved 2004 Golf RS (more about that it a later post), and I also get to drive a 2006 Mercedes C280 from time to time.  Do I have years of automotive journalism experience? No.  Do I get invitations from all the prestigious brands to test drive their newest cars? No. Do I still consider myself a petrolhead? Hell yes!

This site isn’t about me though.  I love feedback, and if you disagree with me on any issue feel free to comment on it.  Just two rules: keep the comments PG13, and don’t insult the Golf!


2 Responses to “About Übercar”

  1. Hello? Who’s in there?

  2. Good luck John – enjoy every second of the rides.

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